Monday, December 17, 2012

Vatos Party

Nothing says Xmas like Vatos Locos! Over the weekend a few of my friends organised a party bus to celebrate the end of 2012 and I guess Christmas. Although Xmas tends to conjure images of tinsel covered walls, coloured lights, plastic wreaths and fo-trees covered in the usual red, gold and green, this year was to end gangster. But since I love a good themed party (especially when it fights against convention) I was all in. All in all its great to see that 98% of the people put in the effort to dress to theme (why fucking go to a dress up party if you’re not gonna dress up - honestly!). Tis the season to be jolly so party it up with the jolly follies in yo life. 

Shirt – Rivet (Menswear), Warehouse
Singlet – Kmart
Tights – Maya, Warehouse
Necklace, Stud cuff, Hoops – $2Shop
Bandana – Canteen 

Thanks again to the Twin Crew for organising the night out, you guys know how to PAAAARTAAAY!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Shade of Blue

I wore thift to go out thriftin. This dress a mere $5.00 which is amazing considering it’s in such a great condition. Speaking of thrifting, (which yes, I know I do a lot) but I’ve been really feelin this joint which could be the theme song for all my fellow op shoppers. A song by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis appropriately titled Thrift Shop, so naturally their video will end this post, enjoy!

Dress- Thrift, Avondale Flea Market
Clutch – Thrift, but cant member where?
Glasses – Chain store in Oz
Tights – Wild Child, Farmers
Shoes - Rubi

And then, to rep the normal sized (but skinny when compared to me) my sis - Anne

Jumper – from mums closet
Jeans – Kmart
Necklace – Thrift, Salvation Army-  Mt.Eden
Shoes – Converse
Glasses – Thrift, Salvation Army- Glen Eden
Bag – Thrift, Trade Me (Website)

Now, this song is Fucking Osum...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

D.I.Y Mentality

In this post I’ve got a bit of a D.I.Y theme going on. Firstly the vest Im wearing, was previously an 80's short sleeve jacket, thrifted, cut up, recycled into something somewhat  new. Secondly the necklace was a Do It Yourself item made simply with coloured rope and hardware. The necklace was inspired by Michelle Lane’s rope jewellery collection which I thought was really cool, but being the cheap ass that I am, I would replicate my own version. Just don’t ask me how I did it, a lot of trial and error and random knot tying. So, together with my sheer top (with the very visible hot pink bra underneath) and my obligatory tights, I was ready to skate . . . if only I knew how!


Top – Thrift, Red Cross New Lynn
Vest – Thrift, Tongan Lady@ Avondale Flea Market
Tights – Kate Madison, Warehose
Shoes – Converse
Necklace – I D.I.Y’d it
Glasses – Cotton On

Thought I would add my sis Anne into this post as she was the reason why we ended up in the skate park. You guessed it, she’s a wanabe skater. Plus I love her top which I found but couldn’t fit, damn!

Anne wears
Top – Thrift, Hospice New Lynn
Jeans – Kmart
Shoes - Converse

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dark side of Sunday

Who doesn’t like to get a bit goth, punk or emo from time to time? Dark Plum lips, black dress, shades and earrings topped with a jacket and its safety pin-ness - it’s not full fat goth, just a subtle version of it.

Dress – City Chic
Jacket – K&K
Glasses – Le Specs
Earrings – Lovisa
Rings – Diva & skull is thrift from Avondale Flea Market

Friday, November 9, 2012

Art + Design Exhibition 2012

Last night I attended the opening night of AUT’s Art + Design Student Exhibition. An annual event show casing student work from across the whole board, from fashion to graphic design, spatial to product, if you’re craving some creativity and free booze, then this is the place to be. Been that 3 years earlier I myself exhibited my own work (in Spatial Design) I knew what I was in for so I wanted to dress accordingly. Lots of people + tonz of lighting + small space = heat, so I opted for a loose shirt but wore a vest to provide warmth when the sun went down. Boots protected my lil piggies from broken beer bottles and puddles of spilt wine as well as been more comfortable for all the walking (Fuck doz dam stairs!). For accessories my fav hat to keep the bush at bay and a D.I.Y necklace (to show off my own crafty-nez). It may seem over kill to think this much about an outfit, but function, as well as form will be your best buddy at the end of the night. Being in a crowded room is uncomfortable enough on its own, last thing you want to be contending with is an uncomfortable outfit as well. My advice- any event that you haven’t been to, ask someone who has to get the lo-down. What was their experience, what did they see and do and what would they wear if they went again? Girls you can never be too prepared! Any way here’s some pic’s from the night and happy *almost the weekend* vibe. 

Shirt – Thrift, Hospice New Lynn (D.I.Y the studs on collar)
Vest - Thrift, Hospice New Lynn
Tights – Kate Madison, Warehouse
Boots –Hush Puppies
Hat – Warehouse
Necklace – Made by me from some rope and bolts

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rock Out

Was feeling a Rock vibe this morning, so what is a girl to do but submit to it. So I go to my tried and true, Lost Boys sunnies and hat combo which I have to admit features together quite a bit. Chuck a cross on my chest to bump up the accessory count (& something to repent with later) and there you have it, an outfit fit for shopping at your local fabric store. No bar or pub hoppin here, just a girl on a mission to find materials for her next D.I.Y project. (Hopefully if my endeavours succeed I can post them up to share with you guys so watch this space...) And in the mean time, in the words of Brittney ‘ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!’   

Shirt – Thrift, Save Mart Onehunga
Tights – Kate Madison, Warehouse
Cardy – Valley Girl
Shoes – Hush Puppies
Glasses – Le Specs
Hat – Warehouse
Necklace - Diva 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colour Therapy

It’s just whatever! Just one of those days where you just want to wear colour and walk around looking like the human equivalent of a rainbow. If bright colours don’t pull you out of a funk, i don’t know what else would? 

Shirt – Thrift, St Paul De Vince
Jacket – Thrift, SaveMart – New Lynn
Tights – Wild Child, Farmers
Bag – Thrift, Hospice – New Lynn
Necklace – Warehouse
Glasses – Dollar King
Ring – Thrift, Avondale Flea Market
Shoes – Hush Puppies
Head Scarf – Can Teen (Can Teen bandanas available this month, proceeds go to help support young people living with cancer. 
For More info visit )

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nursing Blue

 This dress was a steal when I brought it at the Hospice sale for only $5.00 last year. It’s weird to think, that I’m able to clothe myself with chump change but I couldn’t use the same money to buy a Big Mac combo because I would still be short a dollar or two. Anyway, my sis reckoned I gave off a Nurse vibe in this get up which I couldn’t see until now. But if it gives someone a laugh then my job is done, after all, laughter is the best medicine. 

Dress – Thrift, Hospice Henderson
Cardy – Thrift, Hospice New Lynn
Belt – City Chic
Bag – Blue Bird, Strand Bags
Hat – Jay Jays
Glasses – Le Specs

Monday, September 24, 2012

Brick House

After mall ratting around, me and my sis went for an explorative walk were we found this great old brick building. Its facade chipped and cracking, weathered down to expose a variety of textures and materials is in its grit, a thing of beauty. Like wine, its depth and beauty comes only from age, something which is in stark contrast to what we believe in now. So in its honour, I felt it would be a great place to take some photos and appreciate something old rather than new.   

Singlet- Kmart
Tights-Kate Madison, Warehouse
Cardi- Valley Girl
Bag- Kmart
Glasses- Le Specs
Shoes- Chucks

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Urban Safari

The title is pretty self explanatory here. Nuff said.


Dress- Valley Girl
Top- Target
Bag- Kmart
Hat- Warehouse
Glasses- Le Specs

Monday, September 3, 2012

Casual 001

Nothing special, just a few pic’s of me in my casual gear. The only thing that separates me from looking like a 40 year old mother of 2 is my accessories. My hat and glasses pull this outfit together in a youthful ‘art school student’ way (minus the obligatory starbucks cup in hand). I can vouch for the phrase ‘accessories make an outfit’ here, otherwise you would assume I drive a minivan.

Shirt - Thrift, SaveMart Onehunga
Cardi - Thrift, Hospice New Lynn
Tights – Wild Child, Farmers
Hat – Warehouse
Glasses – Le Specs
Scarf – Gift
Necklace – from Samoa

Friday, August 10, 2012

Colour me Orange

There was finally a break in the bad weather that we’ve been experiencing and I was game to spend the day scrimmaging through the local op shops. I wasn’t looking for anything specific; I had no shopping goals to achieve so it was a causal browse through. I hit up my local Hospice store (better described as a small factory) where most times I visit, I usually leave with a purchase or two. After about 30mins of searching through racks, trying on items (and failing), tinkering with nick knacks and such I was ready to leave, leave empty handed. Then my sister Anne, the budding shopping assistant that she is, spotted a bag and immediately brought it to my attention. Quite frankly I was shocked that I missed it all together, considering the bag was bright orange on a dark brown chair at the front of the store, go figure? But it was a great find, old school- possibly 80s (to satisfy my nostalgic cravings), an eye catching bright colour (as winter had gotten me colour deprived) and was in an impeccable condition. With a price tag of $14, as soon as it was in my hands it was sold. So of course in my casual gear I was wearing I just had to pop my new bag on and take some snaps before we headed home. 

Jumper- Rivet, Warehouse
Shirt- Unknown
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Shoes- Kmart
Gloves- $2 shop
Necklace- Love Love
Glasses- Le Specs
Hat- Cotton On
Bag- Thrift, Hospice New Lynn