Friday, November 9, 2012

Art + Design Exhibition 2012

Last night I attended the opening night of AUT’s Art + Design Student Exhibition. An annual event show casing student work from across the whole board, from fashion to graphic design, spatial to product, if you’re craving some creativity and free booze, then this is the place to be. Been that 3 years earlier I myself exhibited my own work (in Spatial Design) I knew what I was in for so I wanted to dress accordingly. Lots of people + tonz of lighting + small space = heat, so I opted for a loose shirt but wore a vest to provide warmth when the sun went down. Boots protected my lil piggies from broken beer bottles and puddles of spilt wine as well as been more comfortable for all the walking (Fuck doz dam stairs!). For accessories my fav hat to keep the bush at bay and a D.I.Y necklace (to show off my own crafty-nez). It may seem over kill to think this much about an outfit, but function, as well as form will be your best buddy at the end of the night. Being in a crowded room is uncomfortable enough on its own, last thing you want to be contending with is an uncomfortable outfit as well. My advice- any event that you haven’t been to, ask someone who has to get the lo-down. What was their experience, what did they see and do and what would they wear if they went again? Girls you can never be too prepared! Any way here’s some pic’s from the night and happy *almost the weekend* vibe. 

Shirt – Thrift, Hospice New Lynn (D.I.Y the studs on collar)
Vest - Thrift, Hospice New Lynn
Tights – Kate Madison, Warehouse
Boots –Hush Puppies
Hat – Warehouse
Necklace – Made by me from some rope and bolts

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