Friday, August 10, 2012

Colour me Orange

There was finally a break in the bad weather that we’ve been experiencing and I was game to spend the day scrimmaging through the local op shops. I wasn’t looking for anything specific; I had no shopping goals to achieve so it was a causal browse through. I hit up my local Hospice store (better described as a small factory) where most times I visit, I usually leave with a purchase or two. After about 30mins of searching through racks, trying on items (and failing), tinkering with nick knacks and such I was ready to leave, leave empty handed. Then my sister Anne, the budding shopping assistant that she is, spotted a bag and immediately brought it to my attention. Quite frankly I was shocked that I missed it all together, considering the bag was bright orange on a dark brown chair at the front of the store, go figure? But it was a great find, old school- possibly 80s (to satisfy my nostalgic cravings), an eye catching bright colour (as winter had gotten me colour deprived) and was in an impeccable condition. With a price tag of $14, as soon as it was in my hands it was sold. So of course in my casual gear I was wearing I just had to pop my new bag on and take some snaps before we headed home. 

Jumper- Rivet, Warehouse
Shirt- Unknown
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Shoes- Kmart
Gloves- $2 shop
Necklace- Love Love
Glasses- Le Specs
Hat- Cotton On
Bag- Thrift, Hospice New Lynn   

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