Sunday, March 8, 2020

OOTD - On the stair edition 2020

I just have the worst luck with Jeans! Actually regardless of what size you are, the perfect pair of jeans are notoriously hard to find. These tapered Boyfriend jeans i wanted to try, as my usual go to of the ASOS Ridley jeans was the only style i had purchased.

Ordered 2 sizes 24 & 26- 24 was a no, so 26 seemed ok- with a lil room to spare, a few days later after washing, the room to spare some how became too much. I couldnt figure out, was i bloated or did the jeans loosen in the wash? Either way i was in too deep with these to be able to return them.

For now my solution has been to pull one side of the front over the other, essentially wrapping over the button area to clinch the waist in and securing with a safety pin. Not convenient but the guilt of spending almost $90.00 on something that would just be tossed away is like flushing money down the toilet - I need to make these work!

If possible- and if it doesn't cost the earth, i could take these to get altered, possibly get the waist and legs brought in & if theres any solution for that gap above the butt -where the jeans dont close against your back.
You know where you could look down and see my undies in a standing position, that massive platform like gap,
am i the only one?

ok, first world problems, ill let this be

Top - Millers, Thrifted SaveMart
Jeans - Asos Curve
Shoes - Converse
Glasses - Factorie 

Friday, December 27, 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Grandma Yetta

The easiest xmas gifts you can get me is one that pulls on those nostalgia strings. Case in point- printed tees with various images of characters from fav childhood tv shows. Grandma Yetta (from The Nanny, for those under 20) well shes big pimpin, so this image of her - LOOOOVE! 
Only hope some of her swagger rubs off on me

Thanks to lil sis for the throw back wears XXX

Tee - Custom Gift
Glasses - Kmart
Lippy- Redrum, Jeffery Star

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Snap Shot - At the Grocers

Kimono - Thrift, Hospice
Dress - Asos Curve
Glasses - Quay
Earrings - Cotton On

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019

Topped with a Beret

Its winter, instead of the usual beanie, why not a Beret? A nod to the awesomeness that is Jazzmyne Robbins -if you dont know her - google her - you wont be disappointed. She drips inspo & beams boss bitch vibes - i cant help but fan girl her & her Beret collection.  


Coat - Thrift
Turtle neck -  Warehouse
Skirt - Kmart
Glasses - ASOS 
Beret - Look Sharp

Monday, June 17, 2019

My New Silent Bob Jacket

If you are a fan of Kevin Smith and his Character, Silent Bob, then you know his iconic over-sized Green (& Black) jacket. For me, I love Olive Green tones and maybe its a subtle influence of this character that when it comes to jackets, mine need to be tent size. This does however make me look like a prime suspect for shop lifting, so it feels a little weird exiting stores lately and been given the second look from staff & security. 

Apart from that, its probably the only piece in my closet that has a name 'Silent Bob' (well actually this is Silent Bob the 2nd, Silent Bob the 1st is my other older and much loved jacket that has seen better days). Either way, its a nod to a character, writer, director, pod caster and all round good human Kevin Smith- LOVE THAT MAN!

With that been said, its kind of appropriate that of all places i find this jacket but in the Men's clothing section. Getting anything over 3XL is difficult with woman's ranges as you're already at the end of that size scale (NZ 20-24). With plus size men, although they too feel limited in variety, their sizing goes beyond the set limitations we see in woman's clothing. So if you want that -over-sized item when you are over-sized, look past the marketing of 'Male' clothing to its potential of it being Unisex or 'Yoink, fucking mine now!'

Jacket - The Warehouse
Slip Dress - ASOS Curve
T-shirt - Gift
Shoes - Converse
Necklaces - ASOS / Kmart
Glasses - Thrift
Lipstick -Lime Crime