Monday, November 28, 2011

Western Springs

Take two; my toga dress from my cousins 21st becomes my laid back Saturday outfit. And where dose one kick it back on a Saturday? Well you go chill out in nature, or a semi tame version of it also known as a park. We hit up up Western Springs, a huge park with a pond in the middle where families from all over come to have some G-rated fun. You can walk or bike round, play on the jungle gym or do the most popular activity of feeding ducks (as well as eels). I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed myself, even though there wasn’t anything eventful happing. I have to admit that I have become a real mall rat and had forgotten about the simple pleasures of just being. Being in a place that wasn’t aimed at selling me something (getting me in that feel good consumer mood), a place that isn’t artificial with its sights, sounds and even smells (although it is a park, so I do realise that there is a human element involved in it). You can feel quite nostalgic (and old) when visiting a place from your childhood, but being in a space that has remained relatively unchanged is quite comforting. I guess I took a moral away with me that the truly good things in life never really do change. 


Toga (poncho dress)- Made by Me
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Necklace- Diva
Glasses- Le Specs
Hat- Warehouse
Roman Sandals- Number1 shoes

Western Springs, Good times and good stuff!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back in Black

Saturdays outfit for a day of Op shopping.  For some reason I felt like being in black in the middle of spring, luckily the weather was overcast for me to do so. Not much else to say, unlike the spiel of my last post!

It’s been years since I last owned or even wore a pair of Roman sandals (High school to be exact) but like jandals they are the most comfortable shoes you could wear during those hot summer months. Although I maybe one of the few who wear it outside of the school yard, the nostalgia is still there.

Dress- City Chic
Top- Moda, Target
Cardi- City Chic
Shoes- Roman Sandals, Number 1 shoes
Bag- Thrift, Salvo
Necklace- some random store in Melbourne
Glasses- Cotton On

Monday, November 14, 2011

Big Red

The ‘Red Dress’ (RD) is quite an elusive piece of clothing. All woman search and usually do find their version of the perfect ‘Little Black Dress’ (LBD) but when it comes to big Red, its damn near impossible! Just like the LBD, I believe the RD could be one of the most classic pieces in a woman’s closet (once you’ve actually found it, that is). But is it elusive because no woman outside of red carpet event would wear it? Or maybe it’s the ideology of being the woman in red? Red is a colour that invokes the idea of power and passion and is a colour that I guess has a sexual connotation to it. Maybe there’s no RD’s because we are afraid of it, with no demand there’s no point and with no point they are not made to be sold and my hands will be forever empty. You can’t tell me that after the liberation that Sex and the City brought to woman’s sexuality and the freedom of expressing one’s self through fashion as Lady Gaga did, that the little red dress is still fashion taboo!?!! We need to change this perception, red is power and strength, a confidence to stand out, a ‘Boss Bitch’ colour! My perfect RD would be a deep candy red wrap dress with a low bust line and it hits at the knees, actually I got a few but this tops the list.


The red dress I’m wearing in all truth isn’t my most favourite thing. It’s red but not my preferable shade, it has short cap sleeve's which look like a shower caps sitting on my shoulders but it does have redeeming features. A low bust line shows off the assets and the dress clinches below the bust to define a waist and flows over the rest. It’s a give and take situation and when it comes to fashion, usually big girls take what they can get.


Dress- City Chic
Cropped Cardi- City Chic
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Hat- Warehouse
Shoes- Chucks (all black, all leather)
Brooch-Thrift, St.Vinc Op Shop
Bag – Auckland Uni Flea Market
Glasses- Le Specs

In Blue Silk

This poncho top has quickly become one of my favourite summer go to tops. Made from silk and in a lovely vibrant blue, you can’t be missed in this get up. This summer I’m all about the over sized, loose tops. Yes it’s baggy and a lot of the time shapeless but fuck me if I’m going to be caught in a top that makes me feel like a sausage about to break its casing. Trinny and Susannah may cringe at the thought of tent like tops but these days rules and boundaries of fashion are being broken and it’s all about individuality (at lest it is for me). 


Top- Thrift, Savemart
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Bag- Thrift, Salvation Army
Necklace- Made by me 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Park

Its spring, so it’s time to go outside and get some vitamin D! But only for a short moment, as I can roast up pretty quick in the heat of the sun.  Just give me an ice cold beverage, a magazine and some shade and I’m set, just don’t forget to slap on some SPF30 plus (prevent the UVA ageing and the UVB burning- a way to remember what your UV’s are when looking at sun screens). 

                                                     Ring from Lovisa (have to brag about this, was $20 and got it on Sale for $9)

                                                     Necklace (aka my breast plate, because it’s huge) made by me.

Hat from The Warehouse

Cardi- Garage from The Warehouse
T-shirt- Now Plus from Kmart
Top- turned into a mini, Thrift from Hospice
Tights- Garage, The Warehouse
Shoes- Kmart
Bag- Portmans
Glasses- Cotton On