Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rock Out

Was feeling a Rock vibe this morning, so what is a girl to do but submit to it. So I go to my tried and true, Lost Boys sunnies and hat combo which I have to admit features together quite a bit. Chuck a cross on my chest to bump up the accessory count (& something to repent with later) and there you have it, an outfit fit for shopping at your local fabric store. No bar or pub hoppin here, just a girl on a mission to find materials for her next D.I.Y project. (Hopefully if my endeavours succeed I can post them up to share with you guys so watch this space...) And in the mean time, in the words of Brittney ‘ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!’   

Shirt – Thrift, Save Mart Onehunga
Tights – Kate Madison, Warehouse
Cardy – Valley Girl
Shoes – Hush Puppies
Glasses – Le Specs
Hat – Warehouse
Necklace - Diva 


  1. Your sunglasses and hat combo rock our world!! It's all about ROCK n' roll BABY!
    xoBeckerman Girls

    1. aww, thanx! thats so cool comin from yah, im a big fan of you beckerman girls, your stylin!

  2. Dang I was just looking at your blog roll. is there an in between or normal on fashion? What if you aren't fat or plus size but aren't skinny either? Just saying. Nonetheless I love your look! It's very 90's!!!

    1. Thank you and for the in-betweeners - Wow never really thought of that, to be honest. I kind of drew a line so to speak where, NZ size 16/18+ was- plus size and anything under that was skinny. Even a blogger who describes them self as ‘normal’ or ‘average sized’ to me would be skinny as im coming from a fat perspective. I guess I forgot that shade of grey between that black and white. But i must say, saw your blog and your rep’n hard for the shade of grey, really great outfits!