Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out of the Blue - Happy Birthday Sis!

First, wanna say * HAPPY 20THBIRTHDAY, keep being true to yourself and your passions that drive you through the thick of life. This big piggy will always be here for you lil piggy! *

This was a lost image that I forgot to post and actually its one of my fav images. A total of six images laid upon, cut, resized and glued altogether  to hopefully create something weird in wonderful.

Dress- Avondale Flee Market
Belt – Dress Mart
Shoes – Kmart and MINE!
Glasses- Le Spec, ALSO MINE!
Headband- $2 Shop

Floral Kisses on St. Patz Day

Yesterday was not only St.Pats day, day of binge drinking, but also my dear friend Suga’s 24th birthday. To celebrate we all went to La Porchetta, a pizza and pasta joint in the heart of the bar and restaurant region in Parnell. So while the others were bingeing on alcohol, we were pigging out on the pizzas. I decided to wear my Op shop skirt I had brought when I sported the Black and Yellow outfit in my last post and break in my lil clutch (also thrift, brought the same day). As it was St. Pats day, it seemed only mandatory to wear green, but all I had was a scarf, so I placed it in a predominate place- on top of my head. As all chicks know, you can never bring too much shit when you’re out on the town, but I had to ditch the camera at home as there was no room. So these pic’s were taken before hand, hence the shitty angles and messy backdrop of my room but you get the gist of the outfit.

The hint of St.Pats green on my head, with my Red glasses picking up the red on my skirt (trying to tie things together).

Top- Farmers
Skirt – Salvation Army, Glen Eden
Belt- Farmers
Scarf- Stolen from my Mum
Glasses – Dollar King Store ($3.90 to be exact)
Clutch purse- Salvation Army (ONLY $1.00!!!!!!!!!)

– The thrift clutch that was $1.00
(its such a good find it needs to be mentioned twice)

 – Scrunched puff detailing on the shoulders
of my fav top

Close up of the floral prints on my skirt to the left and scarf to the right.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black & Yellow


So black and yellow pretty much sums up this post in a whole, but I’m not finished writing. It was a hot, hot day and as I look at the pic’s that my friend Tia took, I see that my inner bumble bee come out to play. This is what I would call my uniform for when I go Op shopping. The tights serve as a modesty layer for when I basically strip in the middle of the store to try something on. Sometimes it’s just quicker to try it on then and there –well dude, I’m just too lazi to bother! The singlet is thin and again you can try dresses and tops over it while not giving everyone in the store a free “show”. The yellow top over it is such a flash back to the late 80s, early 90s (which my fashion taste buds have taken a liken to) but its a bit disconcerting when my mum likes something that I’m wearing. I mean I’m weird, I admit, but her sense is just off so what am I to think about my Buzzy bee top?  Ehh.... maybe we share this one item, I’ll see it as a cross generational top, suitz all ages and sizes!


Yellow Blouse – Thrift, Avondale Flee Market
Singlet – Kmart (Was like $20, marked down to $2.50) Never pass by the ‘Mark down, Clearance, Last Chance, Last Season, Bargain’ Section, rack or bin. The deals to be brought people!!!!
Tights – Farmers
Shoes- Kmart
Glasses – Cotton On
Earrings- Geoff’s Emporium
Necklace (turned bracelet) – Salvation Army

Friday, March 4, 2011

Red Lips and Harry Potter Glasses

Top – Postie Plus
Skirt – Kmart
Tights –Warehouse
Badges – Black Lighting Bolt from Equipt and the Red one I made
  (With materials brought from Geoff’s Emporium)
Glasses – The Dollar King Store
Bags – Qantas Bag from a Thrift store in Ozz, small tan bag from thrift store Hospice

I wore this to a lunch date with my dear friend Suga, whom I had not seen in what feels like forever. So, because I like dressing up when I see my mates I whipped out the red lippy. I must say there is something somewhat seductive about wearing red lip stick even when you’re dressed casual. Match that with my black rimmed ‘Harry Potter’ glasses; both the red and black are quite striking- especially on my pale ass face. I will be rocking a lot of glasses this autumn/winter season, feel like I need to facially accessorise and no better place to do it then the dollar stores. Why pay full price for trend items that will become passé in a few months, when for $3.90 I can have the look but not the guilt when I no longer wear it. That’s just me I guess. . .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flower Power

Top – Millers
Skirt – Kmart
Tights – Warehouse
Glasses- Le Specs

I felt like hitting a flower power theme to this. The skirt is 3 sizes too small but when I wear it at my waist, O-M-G it fits! So when it can’t fit on the hips send it to your waist and there won’t be any waste. Another trend I’ve found myself partaking in, is tying my shirts in a knot at my waist. With the whole cropped tee situation I’m seeing on the street, my adaption of trend is way more appropriate for me and ma belly jelly. But if your proud to show the jelly by all means go for it but I’m just not there on the comfort scale. Happy jelly belly to all!

Two Sides, One Season

T-Shirt – Kmart
Pants –Farmers
Cropped Cardi – City Chic
Beanie – Cotton On
Jandals – Kmart, Mega bargain of $2!
Necklace – I made it :D
Something about us kiwi’s rocking a look that encompasses 2 seasons, a mix of summer and winter gear in one look. If you live or have been to Auckland or even New Zealand, then you’re well aware of the running joke of our “four seasons in one day” weather pattern. Although this summer has been liken to that of Ozz, HOT HOT HOT, today was a break with a slight cool breeze reminding us that autumn is not too far away. Personally I’m looking forward to autumn; I don’t do well with hot weather but I’m as snug as a bug in a rug in the cooler months. One of the pluses of been plus size, been already insulated against the cold!