Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colour Therapy

It’s just whatever! Just one of those days where you just want to wear colour and walk around looking like the human equivalent of a rainbow. If bright colours don’t pull you out of a funk, i don’t know what else would? 

Shirt – Thrift, St Paul De Vince
Jacket – Thrift, SaveMart – New Lynn
Tights – Wild Child, Farmers
Bag – Thrift, Hospice – New Lynn
Necklace – Warehouse
Glasses – Dollar King
Ring – Thrift, Avondale Flea Market
Shoes – Hush Puppies
Head Scarf – Can Teen (Can Teen bandanas available this month, proceeds go to help support young people living with cancer. 
For More info visit http://www.canteen.org.nz/ )


  1. Love the orange bag! let me know if you wanna sell it to me.. haha