Monday, June 25, 2012

Winter Blues

Well I’m not much of a wanabe fashionista during the colder months, all I want to do is stay home and ride winter out. As mentioned in a previous post I don’t have much in terms of a winter wardrobe but I’m working on changing that. I did however get a decent rain jacket that doesn't resemble a plastic table cloth. It’s in one of my fav colours of olive green and does the duty of keeping me warm and dry. Add the scarf for some much needed colour and there you have it, me . . . out of the house. 

Jacket- Thrift, Savemart
Dress- cant remember
Scarf- Thrift, Hospice New Lynn

Monday, June 11, 2012

+ L A D Y G A G A +


Our mother monster +Lady Gaga+ performed her last New Zealand concert last night, which I was lucky enough to attend. Her first 2 concerts sold out and I was pissed that after many failed attempts by both me and my friend Nana, via on-line and standing in-line that we would miss out completely. But a 3rd show was announced and Nana snapped up tickets for what was already been touted as the concert of the year. A week before Sunday’s concert I started sewing up my dress and put the final touches on it just hours before we had to go. The final product, a black poncho dress with a sheer material insert over the bust (for a bit of bra action) with reflective stickers over the chest and fluro yellow ribbon at the waist and wrists. The reflective stickers were great, every time the black lights went on, I lit up like a Xmas tree in a crowd. But aside from my attention grabbing, glow in the dark chest, Lady Gaga was great. She is a true performer in every sense of the word and what amazed me was her raw voice. Aside from the set, dancers, wild costumes, make up and props, she is one of the rare few who can capture an audience with just the power of her voice. I was glad that Gaga was my first ever concert, I love her as a musician and artist, as a fashion icon and as a role model of acceptance in self and others. All up a great, GREAT night out.


Dress- Made by me
Shoes- All black leather hi-top chucks, Converse 

Glowing, even in the crowd of black!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mash up

I don’t know how to describe this outfit. It’s rather a mash of what I can figure as girly goth, with a rockabilly hairdo and grandma’s cardi and shoes. A couple of weeks ago I realised I lacked a winter closet so today I was on the hunt for warm yet stylish winter get-up. Now when I say stylish I’m referencing pieces you can go out in public in, not the oversized sweaters that you lounge about in at home or athletic gear that becomes the uniform for Uni students and busy mothers alike. What is in my ‘winter wardrobe’ pretty much consists of 3 jumpers I wore when I was a student which today, I only ever wear at home (well, except the cardi I’m wearing in this post, I had no other option). Luckily today’s visit to the local Hospice, St.Vincent and Savemart store ended in a good thrift haul- 2 coats, a long cardi, a foe-leather mini and a velvet skirt (that becomes a mini when i wear it). So I’m looking forward to posting the newbie’s in future, but for now me and my stay at home jumper are off to have a cup of tea and watch some trashy tv. Nyte nyte XX

Dress-City Chic
Cardi- Warehouse
Tights- Warehouse
Shoes- Number1 shoes
Necklace- Warehouse
Bag- Thrift, Salvation Army Glen Eden
Head Scarf- Thrift, Hospice New Lynn
Glasses- Le Specs   

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winter is here!

Well its official, as of yesterday it is now winter here in Aotearoa. Could have fooled me, its been a very cold autumn. The type of cold that sends your body into goose bump mode and tweaks your nipples so when you walk down the street, mothers cover their kids eyes because your chest is that obscene. So to combat that obscenity, I turn to my faithful draped front blazer. Its warm without being heavy and the drape front disguises any jelly belly that can bounce about. Still -lest it wasn’t pissing down with rain today, we’ve got 3 months of that to look forward to. Oh Winter, why are you so cruel? 

If the leaves weren't so damp I would have rolled around in it, get back to childhood antics 

Blazer- K&K
Dress- Fat Helens -Vintage store in Melbourne (a great store with tons of gear, some at an affordable price, like this dress at only $20)
Glasses- Le Specs ‘Runaways’