Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sun makes an appearance

After a week of nipple piercing weather the sun came out just in time for the weekend!

In the afternoon I found myself getting cold despite the fact I was sitting in full beam of the sun. Always good to carry a scarf!

Top- Kmart
Skirt- Thrift, Avondale Market
Cardi- Warehouse
Belt- Farmers
Pantyhose- Curvaceous range, Razza Matazz
Beanie-Cotton On
Glasses- Dollar King Store
Earrings- Thrift, Avondale Market

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We like Blazers!

Nothing like spending time with one of your best friends! Eat, drink, shop, gossip and be merry in the company you keep.

Blazer – SixteenTwentySix, thrift –St .Vince, Onehunga
T-shirt - Now +Plus, Kmart
Pants - Warehouse
Hat- Warehouse
Scarf – 3rd Eye
Glasses – Dollar King Store
Badge & Necklace – Made by me
Shoes – Chuck Taylors

And the company I kept today was Sose and here is what she wore...

Dress – Suite 62
Blazer- Thrift, Avondale Flee Market
Leggings – Shanton
Boots – Hannah’s Shoes

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Like a Poncho

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was most defiantly a chilly day! This jacket like poncho is my new fav item, so comfortable to wear and is truly a one size fits all piece (although I fill it out more than others). I have been patiently waiting to find the perfect poncho ever since I became infatuated with Jay Mc Carroll of Project Runway fame. He was my idol so since I had the swearing down and thought I was quite the comedian, I went for the look. But even after the fame of Jay faded I still wanted the damn poncho.  So 2 weeks ago when browsing through ‘Save Mart’ (a huge warehouse thrift store), among their vintage section I found me my ‘poncho’. Guess good things really do take time!
Poncho like Jacket- Save Mart, New Lynn
Top- Kmart
Tights- Kate Madison from Warehouse
Shoes- Rubi from Cotton On
Scarf- $2 shop