Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leather (without the Lace)

Meghann Hemming – BA Art and Design Honours
This just looks interesting to me, when I saw it I thought instantly of Lady Gaga! But delve deeper and read her conceptual statement you understand why the pieces are constructed the way they are;
“Leather New Zealand: A Reborn Aesthetic
This practise based research project explores the unique characteristics embodied in the natural skin shapes of tanned ostrich and cow hides.
This project investigates implementation of a sculptural approach to garment development and the exploration of processes that may contribute to a reduction of fabric waste by utilising the entire skin within the body of the garments.
The outcome of the research is the creation of dynamic fashion collection that challenges traditional perceptions of garment design, particularly leather garment design to enhance the sensual experience of wearing leather.”
I think these days, especially with youth- maybe more along the line of younger adults, who tend to be educated beyond the text books and have money because their working, are more socially aware of the earth’s plight against pollution. I like to think we’re getting on the band wagon of not only been aware of these issues but been conscious of ourselves and the choices we make. Things that we think twice about doing, such as littering, leaving appliances on standby, switching off lights when you’re not even in the room (I mean come on, what the fuck you need every room in your house to be lit up like an xmas tree!!!!) light pollution is bad enough in major cities, what you gone bring that shit to the (su)burbs, how the lil kiddies spoz to sleep and go to school the next day when they look like they’ve been clubin all night long on K Rd, the strobe light affect. Mind you, take a stroll through town on a Saturday night, it seems half the punters out there are the aged 17 and under. Waterfront been the Mecca for the under aged with questionable tops that barely hold tits in and boob tube skirts that don’t leave anything to the imagination. But in the reality of day light, we’re all making small changes, that eventually become routine and students are finding loop holes in the way we construct, to improve on in the hope of creating less pollution and utilising everything to its fullest potential. But yea, these leather looks are interestingly cool; a loose yet somewhat of a sculpture aspect that demands attention for been original or at least different from the usual chain store get up.

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