Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just One of the Kidz

Meet Anne, a 19 year old Arts student, part time cook/kitchen hand and my little sis. Call it favouritism but I have come to admire her sense of style. From early begging’s where she was dressed by our old lady, forced into very girly pretty in pink ensembles to her  rebellious stage of dressing like aTom Boy, she has come a long way.
These days her look is very much reflective of the music she is so fond of, Rock with a hint of Alternative. But since me in my sis have always had a strong connection to Art and Design, we’ve always gone for a slightly weird look, not edgy, just weird.
Most times she rocks quite an androgynous look but has developed a keen sense of wearing vintage 80s frocks. Most of which is sourced from our old lady (aka mums) closet as well as our Op shop ventures. As Im fat and my sis is ‘average’ sized Im extremely jealous of her many bargain basement finds. Like a sniffer dog of vintage, she sifts through the crap, ultimately finding hidden treasures and the odd ‘label’ piece priced like a bag of peanuts!

Look 1; Op Shop- Mark Spencers Men’s collared shirt, Glassons- denim Capri shorts, Dads closet- navy belt, My jewellery box- Gold skull necklace, Kmart- canvas shoes and shaded by a friends fake Ray Banz most likely from the $2,3 Dollar Shop or Cotton On. 

Look 2; Warehouse- White tee, Cotton On- Men’s Check shirt, Glassons- Skinny Jeans, Ruby –Knit bennie, My Jewellery Box- Cassette Belt buckle turned necklace and G’almor – Hand Cuff necklace turned bracelet with Kmart- Flats.

 Look 3; Dress stolen from mums closet, Ozzy Ozbourne Chucks, Fake Ray Bans, Warehouse- Hat, Diva- Gold knot necklace.

Look 4; Op Shop in Oz- 80s dress, Cotton On- Cardi, Dads Belt, Converse- Ozzy Ozbourne Chuck Taylors with rubber word engraved bracelets.

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