Monday, November 22, 2010

Kidz of the Future continued...

Dis is work by Roshannah Bagley, one of six textile design graduates currently exhibiting at AUT.  Her work caught my eye instantly; first the patterns cut out from the leather were just beautiful. The closer you got the more detail you could comprehend and really appreciate the intricacy that went into it. From out of the patterns, forms appear and instantly you think architecture- and you’d be right! Its work like this, which is appealing to a wide range of audiences, as you don’t have to have had years of art/design education to get what you looking at. These pieces were (at least to me) clear in concept and brings the viewer into the realm of form- 3D. But her work can be best summed up by the designer herself:
Roshannah Bagley
Fabric and Form: Art and Architecture in Textiles
An exploration of intricate patterning in surface design takes form in a series of digitally printed silks and laser cut – or laser engraved- leather fabrics. The project stemmed from a fascination with ‘window’ detailing: a concept whereby both the two and three-dimensional fabrics enable the viewer to consider multiple sides or to look beyond the surface.

Brian Dettmer’s complex series of book sculpture alongside Antoni Gaudi’s groundbreaking church Sagrada Familia acted as design inspiration for the unit.

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