Thursday, November 11, 2010

The kidz are our future

On Wednesday 10th of November Auckland University of Technology (AUT) held their annual student exhibition. This year unlike the previous, the whole of the Art & Design School held their openings on the one night, giving the visitors a chance to take a tour through the many departments including Spatial Design, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion and everything in-between. –Smart conscious move on their part as this week is also Auckland Art Week!
Anyway bla bla, making my way through the Fashion side I came across these works which I thought should get honourable mention. First is the works by Monique Laloli, Fashion student. I love the graphic trippy print tee teamed with the bold colours layered under/over the tee. My fav been the left outfit (above) as the print itself is such a strong piece that the dark grey turtle neck gives a causal flavour for an easy every day look.

....And above her work photographed in action, wind blazing, “look mum, invisible bike” pose, its cool!
Alysha Gover, Master of Art & Design

Angela Sumner & Claire Morrison and to the right again Angela Sumner, while the right side outfit with the bright orange reminds me of a road side worker but each piece is made extremely well. Propz to your technical skills coz I got A.D.D sewing skills! 
Claire Morrison. Now me and my friend Sose were somewhat torn between this get up. I liked it because it’s like Granny’s check dress and cropped tweed jacket but with the belt buckle adds a rock, hard edge twist. The Lime tights adds a pop of colour and a bit of weirdness whilst my mate, not too keen on the “Im wearin my Gran-Mamas gear” look.

Now this is an easy going look, the detailing on the shoulder which although its a trend that is either in or has been in all major retailers you still cant beat it. Especially for the Pear shapes (which I am) the detail broadens the top in line with the bottom, balancing the lower half creating a more proportioned shape....An Hour Glass figure.... or so Ive herd. Either way I’ll turn to the side and BAM- my lady gut, but that’s off topic....but the long singlet with the pockets, O for Osum! Handy for those with idle hands and those prone to the cold!    

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