Monday, November 28, 2011

Western Springs

Take two; my toga dress from my cousins 21st becomes my laid back Saturday outfit. And where dose one kick it back on a Saturday? Well you go chill out in nature, or a semi tame version of it also known as a park. We hit up up Western Springs, a huge park with a pond in the middle where families from all over come to have some G-rated fun. You can walk or bike round, play on the jungle gym or do the most popular activity of feeding ducks (as well as eels). I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed myself, even though there wasn’t anything eventful happing. I have to admit that I have become a real mall rat and had forgotten about the simple pleasures of just being. Being in a place that wasn’t aimed at selling me something (getting me in that feel good consumer mood), a place that isn’t artificial with its sights, sounds and even smells (although it is a park, so I do realise that there is a human element involved in it). You can feel quite nostalgic (and old) when visiting a place from your childhood, but being in a space that has remained relatively unchanged is quite comforting. I guess I took a moral away with me that the truly good things in life never really do change. 


Toga (poncho dress)- Made by Me
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Necklace- Diva
Glasses- Le Specs
Hat- Warehouse
Roman Sandals- Number1 shoes

Western Springs, Good times and good stuff!

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