Friday, March 4, 2011

Red Lips and Harry Potter Glasses

Top – Postie Plus
Skirt – Kmart
Tights –Warehouse
Badges – Black Lighting Bolt from Equipt and the Red one I made
  (With materials brought from Geoff’s Emporium)
Glasses – The Dollar King Store
Bags – Qantas Bag from a Thrift store in Ozz, small tan bag from thrift store Hospice

I wore this to a lunch date with my dear friend Suga, whom I had not seen in what feels like forever. So, because I like dressing up when I see my mates I whipped out the red lippy. I must say there is something somewhat seductive about wearing red lip stick even when you’re dressed casual. Match that with my black rimmed ‘Harry Potter’ glasses; both the red and black are quite striking- especially on my pale ass face. I will be rocking a lot of glasses this autumn/winter season, feel like I need to facially accessorise and no better place to do it then the dollar stores. Why pay full price for trend items that will become passé in a few months, when for $3.90 I can have the look but not the guilt when I no longer wear it. That’s just me I guess. . .

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