Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black & Yellow


So black and yellow pretty much sums up this post in a whole, but I’m not finished writing. It was a hot, hot day and as I look at the pic’s that my friend Tia took, I see that my inner bumble bee come out to play. This is what I would call my uniform for when I go Op shopping. The tights serve as a modesty layer for when I basically strip in the middle of the store to try something on. Sometimes it’s just quicker to try it on then and there –well dude, I’m just too lazi to bother! The singlet is thin and again you can try dresses and tops over it while not giving everyone in the store a free “show”. The yellow top over it is such a flash back to the late 80s, early 90s (which my fashion taste buds have taken a liken to) but its a bit disconcerting when my mum likes something that I’m wearing. I mean I’m weird, I admit, but her sense is just off so what am I to think about my Buzzy bee top?  Ehh.... maybe we share this one item, I’ll see it as a cross generational top, suitz all ages and sizes!


Yellow Blouse – Thrift, Avondale Flee Market
Singlet – Kmart (Was like $20, marked down to $2.50) Never pass by the ‘Mark down, Clearance, Last Chance, Last Season, Bargain’ Section, rack or bin. The deals to be brought people!!!!
Tights – Farmers
Shoes- Kmart
Glasses – Cotton On
Earrings- Geoff’s Emporium
Necklace (turned bracelet) – Salvation Army

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