Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nice day for a white wedding

Saturday the 9th of December was the date to which my cousin Isaac got married to his lovely bride Tai. The sun was out, a true kiwi summer day and I decided to be dressed in black from head to toe. I looked like I was attending a funeral rather than a wedding, but I LOVE Black and it turns out I wasn’t the only one.  My vintage dress (late 70s I believe) was a buy from the Avondale flee market and super cheap at under $4. It was a miracle to 1- not only to find something that would fukin fit my voluptuousness but 2- to get something that cheap, it really was the case of been at the right place at the right time. The elastic belt (from a dress brought at Farmers) is ma fav, as my waist line expands so too does the belt!

The necklace, from the big red shed aka The Warehouse. Not only was it discounted as it was missing a small piece (which in my opinion looked way better without it) but was brought on one of thoz ‘One Day Only Sales’ from $24 down to $6.80!!! Yea man, I AM CHEAP! Even my headband from Equip was half off.

My sis wore a old school dress that I had also brought at the flee market, along with my gold safety pin necklace (that I had made) she finished it off with her black lo-leather Chuckz. Somehow the outfit managed to still look appropriate for the formality of the event but causal in the sense that you’re comfortable in your own shoes- in which this case was Anne’s beloved Chuckz.

                                                         Anne & our cuzie Chantell

All in all, as much as I talk about what we wore, it wasn’t our day but our cousin and his beautiful wife’s day. They were happy and really enjoyed sharing this experience with the people they loved, so to them I wish them all the best as they journey through life with one another.

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  1. Flee markets are great for bargains...and op shops! Must make more effort to go on the weekends lol