Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cut Me Out

This is just a casual outfit for roaming the local farmers market. I love this shirt not only for the fact that it’s such an easy piece to wear but for its rad shoulder cut outs. I’m still not a fan of baring my arms but the cut outs are a great alternative to show some skin but still having the coverage of a sleeve to hide what you don’t want flapping about. Plus it’s a nod to my fashion resolution of baring more flesh but in a way that I feel comfortable in doing so. But damn, why aren’t there more of these shirts around coz I would buy them up like candy (maybe D.I.Y some, something to consider for my next project?).  

Top – Wild Child, Farmers
Tights – ASOS Curve
Hat – Jay Jays
Earring – Diva (Cross pendant turned earring)
Glasses – Cotton On

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