Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rewind 2012 & Resolutions 2013

 This post is a collection of some of my fav fashion moments from 2012. Like they say, if you don’t look back how can you know where you’re going – or something along those lines.
In reflection of these photos I found a lot of commonalties between them that I had become oblivious to. From layering to a lot of tight wearing and lack of after 5(pm) photos, there is a bit of a ‘uniform’ look carrying through. What was once daring to me, has now become common place, so to push my own fashion boundaries and to become more comfortable in my chubby body I have come up with a FASHION RESOLUTION for 2013.

1. Show some of that skin
Not that I’ll start having my tits spilling out of tops, but dare to bare more leg and especially arms. This is a real sticking point for me as honestly I hate my bat-winged arms, so 99% of my tops have sleeves that go no shorter than my elbow. So time to flash some flesh!

2. More than tights
I love tights! They are easy to wear, comfortable and provide protection against thigh rubbage. I wear them in the day and at night; I wear them out shopping, to lunch with friends, dinner with fam, hell even to parties and clubs. But like sweat pants, they have become my ‘Go-To’ item and a look that has become quite uniform to me. So time to hit up some bottom half alternatives!

3. Night time fun
So I hate carrying chunky cameras in my lil clutch - it takes room away from the shit I have to carry that keeps my face in place. Simple solution, I have to be more conscious in taking pre-function photos. So time to click it before we hit it.

4. New camera
My point and click broke months ago, asking to borrow is becoming a hassle and iphone pic’s from my friends tend to be shit (especially in low light situations). To get better quality as well as beautiful images I have to upgrade to a DSLR, so time to save up to buy up.

5. Hair flair
I’m currently growing out the undercut part of my hair but fighting the urge to run to the hair dressers to shave it back because of its awkward in-between phase is damn hard. I have never been a girl that paid as much attention to my hair as I do my clothes but this year, with how my hair is now, I really need to change this. My idea, hit up You Tube some styling tutorials, maybe look into curling my locks or wearing my hair out. So Hair, here I come.

In 2013, Im looking forward to new fashion adventures as well as finding some new fat fashion blogs to stalk. Do you have any style resolutions or can recommend any fat fashion blogs? Feel free to share in the comments section, other than that, Happy New Year and all the best for 2013 fellow viewers and bloggers.

******Make this your year*******

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