Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oxblood S.O.S

New in for 2013, my first ever purchase from the website ASOS (this isn’t a review where I got free shit with strings attached, no-no. I picked it, paid for mine and will say what’s on my mind). Although I’m breaking the ‘more than tights’ fashion resolution, this was a purchase made before my proclamation. Now I’m not much of an online buyer, I prefer physically trying on items and inspecting the quality before I buy. Been an avid tight wearer, I had been searching , waiting and hoping that retailers would produce tights that came in any other colour aside from black.So when I saw Oxblood coloured tights at a reasonable price on the asos website I took a gamble, ordered a size up (just in case) and waited. Less than 2weeks later I got them and here they are, worn out for the first time. When they arrived the material seemed thinner than I’m used to but after a day of walking all over the joint, they held up and didn’t tear at the seams. I love the colour, the fact it’s the same price I would pay at the store and it had FREE delivery. But...its early days, it still has to prove its quality - with standing the friction between a fat girls thighs, if it holds together and the material doesn't thin out, then I know I’ve got a winner!

Shirt – Thrift, St. Vincent De Paul
Tights – Asos Curve
Glasses – Le Specs
Shoes – Converse Chux
Bracelet – Thrift, St. Vincent De Paul 

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