Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot Pink

I grew up hating pink. There was something so stereotypical about being a girl and having pink as a favourite colour that it really repulsed me. Cut to high school and the reality tv show The Osbournes which graced a punk rock, loud mouthed, hot pink haired Kelly Osbourne which left me entranced. My admiration for her (being chubby and not giving a fuck, outspoken and funny) where qualities I admired but most of all Kelly represented a body type that wasn’t the Britney, Christina, Paris stick figures that were plastered all over the teen mags of my youth. Intern Kelly became my role model and slowly her love for hot pink became my colour obsession. Although I never did get her dye job on my own locks, I still have my hot pink moments and this blazer is a nod to Kelly O and all things hot and pink.  

Blazer- St.Vincent De Paul-New Lynn
Pants- Wild Child, Farmers
Shoes- Supersoft, Willows Shoes
Scarf- Equip
Ring- Lovisa
Glasses- Dollar King Store

And here is my sis who is fronting the camera for once. 

T-shirt – Cotton On
Denim Jacket - Old Navy, Thrift, Merlins- Glen Eden
Pants – Garage, Warehouse
Shoes – Converse, Chux (Ozzy Osbourne Edition)
Glasses – King Dollar Store
Necklace – Used to be a belt Buckle!

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