Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winter is here!

Well its official, as of yesterday it is now winter here in Aotearoa. Could have fooled me, its been a very cold autumn. The type of cold that sends your body into goose bump mode and tweaks your nipples so when you walk down the street, mothers cover their kids eyes because your chest is that obscene. So to combat that obscenity, I turn to my faithful draped front blazer. Its warm without being heavy and the drape front disguises any jelly belly that can bounce about. Still -lest it wasn’t pissing down with rain today, we’ve got 3 months of that to look forward to. Oh Winter, why are you so cruel? 

If the leaves weren't so damp I would have rolled around in it, get back to childhood antics 

Blazer- K&K
Dress- Fat Helens -Vintage store in Melbourne (a great store with tons of gear, some at an affordable price, like this dress at only $20)
Glasses- Le Specs ‘Runaways’

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