Saturday, May 5, 2012

Denim & Leopard

For many years, I wanted a piece of clothing covered in leopard print. Just like hounds tooth and stripes, leopard print will always have its place in the fashion world. But alas I could never find anything that would fit my ass, be it blouse, skirt or cardi. So whilst in Valley girl (a straight size store) browsing round, I spot the leopard dress and head straight towards it. I find their version of ‘XL’ and at $3.95 brought it hoping that it could stretch over my larger than most frame. It fitted but with its issues of being made for a person half my size. Fabric grabbing at the belly and my boobs were larger than the boob tube section, allowing spillage. My remedy- put a top over it and wear it like a skirt!

My version of studs since high school has been safety pins. Cheap, available in an array of sizes and can be brought almost anywhere, a punks best friend. 

Denim Jacket- K&K
Dress- Valley Girl
Hat- Jay Jays
Glasses- Le Specs
Bangles- $2shop & St.Vincent De Paul 

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