Monday, April 30, 2012

Running Hot & Cold

Today Mother Nature was A.D.D and couldn’t make up her mind on what season she wanted to put into play. Morning was slightly chilly with grey skies and moderate showers but by midday it was sunny and unbelievably humid. For days like this, layer, layer, layer off and layer on again. The sheer shirt was great in the humidity but when it got cooler; the vest was a lighter option in coverage (and is easier to carry round than a jumper or jacket). My clutch was a lucky find at my local hospice store, uber cheap too at only $1. Although it was plain at first, as soon as I got some studs ($2.40 worth), I quickly got into bedazzling it and is something I’m proud to rock round. Other than that it’s just another day in Auckland city, experiencing four seasons in one day. 


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