Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Shirt

Today saw me going to the local flea market in my oversized red shirt and scarf turned head wrap, both purchased recently at a local Hospice store. I was lucky enough to catch the final days of the Hospice sale, where clothes were half off including their vintage stock which I went through with a fine tooth comb. Two stores in two different area codes later, I had 2 scarfs, 3 dresses, 2 tops and a cardigan bursting out of 2 plastic bags. Unfortunately today’s market venture wasn’t as successful but the thrill of the hunt was enticing enough to get me out of bed. Nough said. 

Shirt- Class, Thrift, Hospice New Lynn $2.50
Tights- Maya, Warehouse
Scarf- Thrift, Hospice New Lynn $4.00
Shoes- Romans, Number1 shoes

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  1. hey I just wanted to comment - found you through Death Fatties and you're my new fav. I'm a NZ fatty too, a poor one at that and I think you're awesome.