Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lime Way

After my sunburn last week I decided it would be safer to cover up. My top, although black, is sheer so it’s cool to wear in summer and the blue skirt adds a pop of colour so I don’t look completely emo. The bag is my sisters, a birthday gift from me that had been m.i.a for a couple of years until it was unearthed recently on cleaning fit. Lesson learned; clean your closet out every season, to find the lost, clean the unkempt and toss the unwanted. Plus, if you have siblings, you can usually find your lost property up in theirs, they have a tendency to collect and forget.

The bag has been painted over in certain areas to cover what could be considered offensive. It’s a fine line when you mix religious symbols with anarchist or pop culture, you usually find yourself pissing someone off. But I love the stencil graphic of Jesus (this was when the whole, Jesus is my Home Boy, Mary is my Home Girl thing was happin’) but it’s not all innocent, look closer and you can see Jesus is giving the finger. So naughty.

Top- Moda, Target
Skirt- Thrift, Avondale Flea Market
Shoes- Roman Sandals, Number 1 Shoes
Bag- Borrowed from sis, store/ label unknown
Glasses- Cotton On  

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