Monday, October 24, 2016

A not so *Dirty 30*

So this week i turned 30 and rather than being mature and working through the day like an adult,
i took the day off. It was a really casual affair, walking round town, following a mini food tour that my lil sis had arranged. It was great to share a foodie experience with her as well as spend time catching up, after i had been away in Melbourne for a week. 
Although 30 seems like it should be a big deal, for some reason I didn't have the same feelings or anxieties that others expressed at turning 30. Of course birthdays and the start of the new year brings about a time of reflection and the ideals we may have and being able to achieve them. Birthdays seem more about milestones we should have reached whilst the start of the new year seems more forgiving as we are looking towards the future with new hope. With my own birthdays i have felt that apprehension but oddly enough this time round i was more in a space of appreciation.

  The simple pleasure of good food, good wine and good company is all i needed to celebrate the day.

Shirt - Thrift (Still my fav shirt to wear)
Tights - ASOS Curve
Jacket - Kmart
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Glasses - Quay

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