Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snap Shot - Raga Muffin

Ragas Baby, before the rain...

Even though we left quite early, we stayed as long as we could to see Ice Cube. Ice Cube was a huge draw card for the patrons and as soon as I heard most of his greatest hits, we were making a B-line out. Beside Ice Cube, UB40 was another act I was excited to see, but the damp, cold and hungry state we were in, we had to thrown in the towel before the last act.

 It would have been one hundred times better if the weather wasn't so shit, unfortunately in my old age I know when I've had enough but I gotta give props to those who's toughed it out.
Those peeps are true Raga Muffins.

One Love, Rastafar.

Shirt - Thrift,St Vincent De Paul, New Lynn
Singlet - Kmart
Pants - City Chic
Glasses - ASOS

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