Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Random Pics for The 101th Post

101 posts later and still going. I guess I feel rather reflective now that Ive hit the triple digits.
I'm not the first nor will I be the last of fat fashion bloggers to hit the net and express their thoughts and feelings of fashion available to the chunk club. Although there is probably a feeling of over saturation of fashion bloggers, I feel that every one (of every shape, size, colour, physicality) has a voice that ultimately wants to find others who share these commonalities.
 I first was introduced into the community of fat fashon bloggers many years ago. It was my last year of uni and we were organising a graduation party and I was at a loss of what to wear. Feeling like I needed some visual inspiration I goggled fat fashion images and trolled through till I saw an picture of a girl rocking quite a fierce stance in her threads. 
This was Gabi, previously of Young, Fat & Fabulous, now Gabi Fresh. Here she was, someone who loved fashion, was the same age but most importantly, had a body that looked like mine but beamed with confidence. 
From there I was introduced into the sphere of fat fashion bloggers and for the first time I didn't feel like I was the only fat person in the world
Which brings me to a point, viewers like you may find relevance in my content and choose to follow and some may think its utter shit. In the end I am putting something out there that hopefully connects to that some one who felt like I did. Girl, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are sooo not alone, in this big bitch of a world!

  Over the years I've become more comfortable taking photos, even a bit vain about it (from a time where I would hide at the back using my friends and family to shield my body). I am growing my confidence at a rate that is all my own. I still have my body issues, I will not hide that, hell I bitch about it here. You wont see me in a fatkini but when I walk down the street I hold my head up high because this is me. 

Any way, here are some long lost images for one reason or another were taken but not used. Its like I'm spring cleaning out my photo files and if you got it, well, might as well use it.

Sunday Flea Market

Dress Up Party

Hanging around Town

Friends Graduation

Music Vibes


Photoshop Fun

Mall Rat

 Farewell Lunch

Dont forget to check out my blog roll, many more FATabulos laddies out there rockin it!
Take care of yourself, you've got only one body so rep that shit muda fuckin hard!

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