Sunday, March 2, 2014

Selling Some Dreams

Decided to finally make the effort to head out to The Auckland War Memorial Museum to see the Selling Dreams exhibition. As the photo above sums up it was a collection of Fashion Photography across one hundred years and whilst my expectation was to be overwhelmed by a huge range of images I was disappointed once I got there. While the saying 'quality over quantity' is usually the basis to stream lining anything, exhibitions -especially the ones that you have to pay for, should be a visual binge not an entrĂ©e with out the main and dessert.
Overall (pushing my eternal cheapness aside) it was very informative, inspiring and got me into the blogging mood.Unfortunately photos inside the exhibition space were prohibited (copy right issues) but at the very end there was a place set up for wannabe models and photographers to play.
 Put that in-front of me and you get the following obligatory photos...


But I must admit, the images we took outside were a hell of a lot better, guess natural light isn't always the enemy.

Dress - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Barefoot Tess
Necklace - Diva
Glasses - LeSpecs

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