Monday, October 14, 2013

+ Rihanna + Diamonds Tour +

As a birthday gift to my best friend Tia, I had brought tickets to Rihanna's Diamonds world tour. Although her birthday was over a month ago and I purchased the tickets back in june, the wait was well worth it. What amazed me was even though me and my friend were on island time, we still managed to get a good spot being 5/6 meters away from the stage. Close enough to actually see her face without having to rely on the jumbo screens to see her and we were just amazed at how beautiful Rihanna is in real life. I mean lets face it, half the people we see on magazines are powder coated in make up and photo shopped to hell, so when me and Tia saw her we were in ore. Knowing that we would rock the joint in a hot sweaty mess, we made sure to take photos before heading out and this is what we wore. Tia's orange top and mine are both Poncho tops made by me (the most easiest thing anyone can make- take a piece of material, cut a circle in the middle, fold in half, sew 3/4 up the side, bam, Poncho top!) My top was 2/3rd's sheer exposing the fun bags in a lacy red bra with the bottom panel in solid material to hide my belly and the possibility of ass crack (due to the fact my tights were not actually that tight!).
All in all great night out and even more so when your with your best friend,

Top - Made by Me
Tights - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Willows shoes

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  1. So your top is the coolest shit right!! & you made it...THE BEST!! over-sized and sheer are two things that I LOVE in tops...I might have to try this one out!! :)