Monday, September 5, 2011

All Hailwood

Last week I attended my first ever New Zealand Fashion Week show for the label Hailwood.
Now in all honesty I pretty much abandoned my admiration or rather my attention to that of the many designers and labels after I realised that I, my body was and probably never would be represented. The idea that designer wear was exclusive to that of the rich was a given in my youth but then delving further I saw that it was exclusive to a particular size.
The ‘designer’ infatuation faded but with a revelation that real style is something personal and is not an imitation of a designer’s mannequin. To me people won’t remember the labels you wear but the impression of your personal style.
Now although I sound like I have nothing but contempt, I have come to a point where there is mutual respect for designer world. They propel the industry forward, they invent, re-interpret, reprise and inspire but it’s up to you, what you take away from it.

Now for Hailwood, I took away inspiration. Some of the dresses were really beautiful and if I had the skills of a Korean seamstress, I would be producing knock off’s to fit me. But then there were items that I did not get, such as the Jumpsuit with fringing. Is it a matter of lost in translation to me? That it’s a theatrical piece made only for the runway? Or do they really expect woman to wear white jumpsuits with black fringe running along the outside seam? Who knows, maybe in a year’s time I’ll be rocking them, blogging it and forgetting that I found it so weird in the first place.

What was weird was my first encounter with a stranger that I asked to photograph. I blog myself and those I know so I haven’t had to put dialogue with my actions, but in this case I had an instant fashion crush that I had to have.
Now I’m naturally shy plus the fact it was an impulsive and of the moment move, I basically asked, pictured and walked off, leaving her in a confused manner. Only when I bumped into her again and she enquired that I explained what I was doing and for that I feel like such a rude dick.

So Stef, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry and I really appreciate that you were so cool about it (I hope)and that you still allowed me to share your Osum-ness.

                         Stef wearing Starfish

What I first noticed was the cropped peachy coral jacket against the black. To me it’s a simple way of punching up an otherwise black outfit but also a way of easing into the colour blocking trend. The sheer dress although simple in its nature allows the jacket with all its detailing elements to be the main focus. And to finish it off, the shoes with its wooden platform, adds another material element of interest.

What I wore was dictated by what I had left hanging in my closet. For events where you’re not too sure what to wear, items in black and white are your safest bet. The lil black dress, white top and black pants, these outfits serve as the foundation to which you can dress up or down with accessories. I choose to go in black but introduced a pop of colour through lippy and head scarf.
The safety pin necklace was my arty item of interest and is always a conversation starter.

Top – Target
Tights- Wild Child, Farmers
Shoes – Ozzy Osbourne edition, Chux
Necklace – Made by Me
Necklace turned bracelet – Thrift, Salvation Family Store
Headscarf - $1,2,3 shop
Bag – Portmans

And BIG THANKS to Sose who hooked me up, Much Love!

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