Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hiatus over, I’m finally back! Back from a trip over the ditch, where my best friend Nana and I spent a week in the cultural capital of Oz, Melbourne. From the many cool bars, fancy restaurants, banging clubs to the countless lane ways coated in colourful art and streets upon streets to full fill every shopping fantasy, Melbourne is a must see. Now to break away from sounding like a travel brochure here is some fatty fashion and other pic’s of interest. 

Day 1

Top- My man shirt, thrift from Salvo
Pants –Yourself from Farmers
Belt – Farmers
Shoes – Kmart Flats
Bag- Bluebird from Strandbags
Bennie- Rubi from Cotton On

Below is Nana, putting on her model best. 

Day 2

On Seafearers bridge


Dress – Thrift, Salvo
Cropped Cardi- City Chic
Tights – Farmers
Shoes- Kmart
Bag – Bluebird
Scarf – Equip

Then after walking and shopping all day, outfit change to go out and get my eat on.




Top- Wild Child from Farmers
Skirt – Kmart
Tights –Wild Child, Farmers
Belt – Farmers
Bag – Portmans
Shoes – Rubi from Cotton On (only $5Aus, brought that morning!

Day 3

This is taken in an alley way, behind me is the back door to Nando’s in St.Kilda.

Blazer – K&K
Top – Big W
Pants – Yourself from Farmers
Shoes – Chux
Glasses – Cotton On
Necklace – ordainment from a key chain from Avondale Flea Market, chain from Salvo
Glasses – King Dollar Store          

Day 4
I visited Myer for the first time, the equivalent of New Zealand’s Smith & Caugheys. I was actually amazed that they carried quite a few Plus size labels, the only down side was that they were aimed at a much older demographic. As if to say that the only fat people in existence are those in their 40s and 50s. But among all the tent tunics, ankle length skirts and asymmetrical shirts with their mix of floral print and solid block colours (very popular with the 50+ crowd) was this dress/smock/shirt-dress thing. The touch of it was like the love child of silk in suede and it was a piece that could cross many different styles- military, safari, rock etc. Of course I had to play dress up and feel what $159.99 dress felt like and boy it was goooood, but of course play time had to come to an end. As lovely as it was, to me it wasn’t that special enough to justify that price but I will always hold dear, the memories and these photos of our time together.

The Label ‘M Line’ from Myer and retails for $159.99Aus

Day 4, at night......
The groovy wall is in the foyer of the casino of the Crown Towers, Southbank.

Dress – Moda, Target
Tights – Farmers
Shoes- Kmart
Necklace – Claude d’alban
Clutch - Strandbags 

Day 5

Top- Moda, Target
Pants – Wildchild, Farmers
Shoes – Chux
Beenie- Rubi, Cotton On
Glasses-Dollar King Store
Scarf- 3rd Eye
Belt- Big W

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